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3rd Grade Reading Law

3rd Grade Reading Law - What you need to know

In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the Third Grade Reading Law in an effort to ensure that students exit 3rd grade reading at or above grade level.  The law will impact the 2017/2018 transitional kindergarten (TK), kindergarten, and 1st grade students by the time they are in 3rd grade. In accordance with this law, we will continue to conduct reading assessments with TK – 3rd grade students. These assessments will identify students who need intensive reading instruction and intervention and will also provide useful information to help teachers tailor instruction to meet individual student needs.

Visit the District's Curriculum page to see a letter from Scott Francis, Director of Curriculum, Technology, Assessment and Grants, DIBELS facts for parents, a Parent Guide to Public Act 306 and the District's Read at Home Plan for Student Success.

5th Grade Camp Information

You can now make 5th grade camp payments online!


  1. Log into Family Access
  2. If you have more than one child, be sure to click on your 5th grade student
  3. Click on the Fee Management tab
  4. Click on Add a Fee (You only have to do this one time, once the fee is added to your child’s account, you only need click on Make a Payment)
  5. Select (Angell, Burton, Rogers, Norup, Pattengill) Camp
  6. Click on the Back Button in the top right corner
  7. The Camp Fee will now be listed in your Fees
  8. Select Make a Payment
  9. You will be directed out of Family Access to the RevTrak site to make your payment
  10. Select Purchase Fees
  11. Add the amount of the camp payment you wish to pay in the bottom right corner.
  12. Select the button Add Selected to Cart next to your 5th grade student’s name
  13. Follow the instructions on the site to complete the payment.

Box Tops for Education

Norup International School participates in Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education.  By saving and turning in Box Tops For Education and labels from certain brand name foods, you can help Norup's PTA raise money for our students.  Simply cut out your Box Tops coupons and labels and turn them into the container placed just inside Norup's main entrance.  Your child may also turn them in to his or her teacher/classroom envelop.  See the links on this page for additional information.  Thank you for your support!

External LinkLabels for Education
PDF DocumentBox Tops for Education
PDF DocumentBox Tops Rules
PDF DocumentBox Tops 50 Contest Sheet
PDF DocumentBox Tops 10 Contest Sheet
PDF DocumentBox Tops Bonus Collection Sheet
PDF DocumentBox Tops Product List

Dress Code

Norup International Dress Code

NIS encourages students to dress in a manner which will allow the most individual freedom and comfort while still maintaining a businesslike atmosphere in which to work and learn. The following dress code regulations are for school and school related activities (including school dances):

  1. Shorts and skirts must be appropriate in length and provide the appropriate cover while standing or sitting for both boys and girls.
  2. No bare midriffs or bare backs for both boys and girls.  
  3. Cleavage or undergarments should not be exposed for both boys and girls.
  4. Leggings, yoga pants and other form fitting pants are acceptable provided that the material is not see through.  This applies to both boys and girls.
  5. No hats or bandanas; head apparel worn for medical or religious purposes are allowed.
  6. Clothing advertising or mentioning controlled substances (including drugs and alcohol), or containing inappropriate language is prohibited.
  7. For safety reasons, appropriate shoes should be worn on the playground and during physical education classes. For the playground, shoes must have closed toes and heels. PE classes require clean tennis shoes with a non-marking sole.

Lunch Information

Lunch Procedures:

It is school district policy that middle school and elementary students, district wide, remain in school and on campus for the lunch hour.  Students eat lunch in the gymnasium and remain on campus throughout the lunch period, unless they are signed-out in the office by a parent or guardian.

Lunch Prices: $2.80 for PYP and $3.05 for MYP (Milk a la carte is 60 cents)


Breakfast is served from 7:30 until 8:05. The cost is $1.50.


PDF Document"Smart Snacks" - USDA Standards for Food Served in Schools
PDF DocumentDaily Lunch Schedule
PDF DocumentJune Breakfast Menu
PDF DocumentPYP June Lunch Menu
PDF DocumentMYP June Lunch Menu
External LinkBSD Food Service information

Safety Procedures

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that there is a utility emergency (e.g. gas leak, hazardous materials)
that requires evacuation of the building, secretarial staff will send a mass email to families, advising them of the emergency and directing them where to go
to pick up their students.

Any parents/guardians who do not respond to the email will be called.

Following regular safety procedures, students will only be released to authorized adults.

Lockdown Drills


A lockdown is when a situation exists inside the building, threatening the safety of students and staff and requires staying in the classroom. (The district may call a lockdown for everyone, however, even when the situation is at another building.)

Shelter In Place

Shelter in place is when a threatening situation has occurred outside of the building or area. The exterior is secured but movement (minimal) is allowed inside the building.
For the safety of Norup’s students and staff, our internal Lockdown procedures are kept confidential and not posted on our website. If you have questions or concerns regarding our procedures, please contact Mr. Yowchuang or Mrs. Sochacki.

Tornado Watch/Warning District Policy


In the event that a tornado WATCH is declared during the hours school is in session, classes will be conducted as usual.  Principals will be notified by the superintendent’s office.  Students will be dismissed at the end of the school day as usual.

If a tornado WATCH or WARNING shall be in effect at 3:00 p.m., all after-school activities will be canceled, including athletic events, adult education activities and parent meetings.

Any exceptions to the foregoing would be subject to the decision of the superintendent.

In the event of a tornado WARNING, children will be held in school until an all clear is given by the proper authorities.  All staff members will stay on duty to care for the children until the all clear is given and students are dismissed.

Schools of Choice

The Berkley Board of Education has approved Schools of Choice slots for the 2017-18 school year. Learn more details about the number of slots, grades and timelines on the Schools of Choice website.

Student Health & Medication

Find medication forms and learn more about staying healthy on the Student Health & Medication section on the District's Parent page.


Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms, chaperone field trips, and be a volunteer driver. In order to volunteer, all parents volunteering in the classroom or during school sponsored functions or field trips must complete the Volunteer Release Form prior to any activities.  Parents driving or chaperoning a field trip must have the Volunteer Driver Form and Chaperone Responsibility Form completed in addition to the Volunteer Release Form.  All forms can be found on the District Volunteer/Chaperone page.