Toddlers are curious by nature and we do all we can to channel that enthusiasm into a fun and educational experience. The toddler program is designed to guide each child through their transition form sensory-motor world of toddlers to the increasingly social world and the onset of symbolic thinking. Nuturing and supporting healthy social emotional development is one of our most important jobs. Young children need to learn to trust others, express themselves in acceptable ways, and gain independence, as well as self-control. The environment is well planned, allowing for child-choice and self-directed play. small groups, and brief circle-times with the whole group. Reflection and documentation of learning experiences, and supportive teaching that prepares children trained teachers/caregivers foster trust by interacting warmly with children, providing a consistent, well balanced daily routine, modeling and guiding behavior and providing individualized attention and opportunities to socialize with peers.

Sign Language is used  in the Building Blocks Infant and Young Toddler rooms.