During your child's first 12 months your baby will go through astonishing changes. The care your child receives during these months of rapid change will impact their development now and in the future. Infants are not just smaller children; their needs are unique. Our infant care provides a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate infant curriculum to aid each child in growing to their maximum potential. We pride ourselves in our quality, developmental program which will provide your child a place to play, enjoy, discover and grow. Our program includes individualized curriculum from staff that are warm, responsive and flexible. Your baby will feel safe and secure and learn to trust the world if their needs are met promptly, according to their individual schedule, not one imposed by the caregiver. From the very first moment in the Berkley Building Blocks program, we assign you and your baby a primary caregiver to ensure your baby receives individual attention. The primary caregiver plays a special role and is responsible for your baby's prime times; those critical one to one moments of caring and play, nurturing and communication. Our infant staff is trained to encourage and guide infants in exploring objects and surroundings as well as expressing themselves.

Sign Language is used in the Building Blocks Infant and Young Toddler rooms.